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Living Room Conversations at A Novel Experience

Recent Events

Join us every last Sunday of the month 3:00pm to participate in our part of a national movement to encourage and revitalize civil discourse. It’s called “living Room Conversations” wherefrom 6-12 of us gather to learn from each other- rather than win a debate. We choose a different topic every month to discuss- these have included gun control, “fake” news, the politics of immigration, free speech, and American values. Everyone agrees to follow the Conversation Agreements: Be curious and open to learning, show respect and suspend judgement, find common ground and note differences, be authentic, be purposeful and to the point, and to take responsibility for the quality of your participation. The best part: At the end of the hour and a half we discuss what we have in common—it’s inspiring! Find out each month’s topic by checking our newsletter and give a call at 770-567-1103 and let us know you’re coming!